Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Boat Post

Last week, I went to Waco to complete my Level 1 Fieldwork at Scott & White Hospital. It was such a wonderful time...I learned so much from the remarkable therapists there. I was in the pediatric and NICU settings, and I LOVED it!

I decided to kick off the week by going waterskiing w/ some of my very favorite people on Sunday afternoon! It was so great to be out on the Brazos River, soakin' up the Texas sun, and laughing and loving w/ three of the greatest souls I know.

Patrick is relatively new to skiing, but he did GREAT!  I even managed to capture a grin in this picture! 

Then there's Don.

Don is an old pro.  No that was a jibe at his age.  =)  He has been waterskiing for 30 years! 
Now for Brandon:
I was privileged to get to help teach Brandon how to ski a couple years ago.  Now he's a pro, and the student has become the teacher.
And finally,
There's me.  Thanks to Don's expert coaching, I was able to manage getting up on the slalom (w/out having to kick a ski.)  Definitely my new favorite thing!
And just for fun:
I'm blessed with the greatest friends!  There are few things I like better than a sunny day, great friends, and boating.  Throw in some Rocky Mountains, and life doesn't get better!

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