Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heavens to Betsy!

Oh my lands! There are a plethora of great giveaways going on all over blogland!
Thought I'd spread the love:

Make and Love It has a fun giveaway for a $20 gift certificate to Jellabee.
Check out this classy pearl headband:

Over at Design Dazzle, Kate Landers is being featured in a giveaway of her cute party supplies:

Then we have V and Co. (who is just so amazingly talented)...well, she is giving away a camera strap from *Shey* [B]. Here is just one example of the cah-ute camera straps she has:

Well, it turns out that Shey (the camera strap gal) is ALSO offering a giveaway on HER blog. She's giving away Vintage Pearl cuteness:

And finally, there is Today's Give Away. This site is WONDERFUL! All they do is give fun stuff away...who can argue w/ that? =) Go check 'em out...there are several current give-aways going on right now.

Whew! Well that was fun, but now I've spent a good hour and a half blogging and entering give-aways, I'm gonna go do something catch up on NCIS. =P

Friday, November 6, 2009



I was perusin' this site and stumbled upon this post.

I wasn't laughin' until the comments. Good grief. So funny.

The jist of it is this:
BooMama and a friend were trying to come up w/ the holiest email salutation, and thus it spurred alot of commentary. Some of them were too gushy for me, but here were my favs:

-God bless your socks off,
-Break dancin' in the Spirit,
-Just a hangnail on the Body of Christ, (seriously clever)
-Jesus loves you and I'm trying, (bahahaha, sooo relatable)
-Gettin' Fat on the Abundance of His Blessings, (again, pretty clever)
-Grateful I live under grace and not the law because my love of bacon would prohibit me from keeping kosher, (hilarious!)

And thus, I had to share mine. I've used it for forever, and friends back in Waco even call me by it. It inspired the title of my blog.

In His Son-shine,

Monday, November 2, 2009

Frame Fun

Thought I'd share a little picture frame fun today!

This first frame was 5 bucks at Kohl's on clearance, mat included. So a little ribbon cuteness and some polka dot action, and voila! A little extra pizzaz on a basic black frame. Not to mention some super cute besties in the pic!

Now this second frame also happened to be a Kohl's find. It actually came in a pack of 10 frames for $20, so for all you math whizzes out there, that's a whopping 2 bucks a frame! Wowsies!

In my apt (yes, I know, I have yet to post any pics of the cute decorations...soon, very soon...) we needed an extra something above the stove, so I whipped up some creative magic, and va-va-voom, we have another fun project! This time I used some cardstock, paint, stamps, and ribbon to make this little piece of artwork. The message was intended to inspire us to cook more...not working too well...

Anywho, that's all for today. I'm linking up w/ Kimba for the DIY day. Be sure and check out all the fun projects she has posted!