Friday, November 6, 2009



I was perusin' this site and stumbled upon this post.

I wasn't laughin' until the comments. Good grief. So funny.

The jist of it is this:
BooMama and a friend were trying to come up w/ the holiest email salutation, and thus it spurred alot of commentary. Some of them were too gushy for me, but here were my favs:

-God bless your socks off,
-Break dancin' in the Spirit,
-Just a hangnail on the Body of Christ, (seriously clever)
-Jesus loves you and I'm trying, (bahahaha, sooo relatable)
-Gettin' Fat on the Abundance of His Blessings, (again, pretty clever)
-Grateful I live under grace and not the law because my love of bacon would prohibit me from keeping kosher, (hilarious!)

And thus, I had to share mine. I've used it for forever, and friends back in Waco even call me by it. It inspired the title of my blog.

In His Son-shine,

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