Monday, January 25, 2010


I love the little things that add extra sunshine to life:
♥ pictures
♥ polka dots
♥ the color Yellow
♥ sprinkles...and lots of 'em

And then of course, there's one of my favorites:  Hobby Lobby.

Yep, few things get my engine revvin' like a trip to HobLob.

Since I don't have class on Fridays, I decided to take a fun-filled trip to that wonderful crafting and decorating paradise.  I bought some cute Valentine's day scrapbooking paper, some ribbon (I don't think I can leave that store without buying at least one deal of ribbon...*sigh), and a candy dish for V Day. 

And then, in the 66% off home decorating clearance aisle, I found a picture frame lazy-susan dealy-ma-whopper .  But it was hideous.  I'm talkin' ugly orange-colored just-stepped-outta-the-70s awfulness.  But it was 7 bucks, and it was beggin' for some lovin' so I picked her up, along with a can of white spray paint (Krlyon and I are good friends and I had a 40% off coupon for it) and headed home. 

And I *may* have been so excited to give this little thinga-ma-jig some TLC that I completely forgot to take a before picture...which is probably for the better b/c it was so hideous it would have broken my brand new Canon Rebel.

This thing is pretty nifty because it has little mini albums on top to add more photos:

And here is a teensy glimps of her former not-so-charming days of orange tackiness.  Just imagine the entire thing covered in this...

I had a hard time deciding what color to paint her, so I settled on good ol' fashioned white, that way she could make it through all decorating seasons.  But I knew I wanted some color b/c bright colors make me happy, so I opted for scrapbook paper backgrounds and black n white photos in the frames. 

And just for fun, I took a shot of these cute Valentine's dice that sit on my coffee table.  They're kinda silly, but alot of fun never-the-less.

Oh, and one more thing.  I know you are sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what the problem was with my printer from the other day...
Well, as it turns out, a printer has to be PLUGGED IN!  Who knew???
Not my most shining moment, but I did get a good laugh at my own expense when I finally realized what the problem was. 
Ahh, one more techonology crisis solved.  All in a days work, my friends. 

♥ michelle

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  1. I LOVE sunshine and Hobby Lobby, too! : ) That is such a cute frame cube!!