Friday, March 11, 2011

Ten on the 10th [but posted on the 11th]

I decided I would join in the fun over at A Bit of Sunshine, and participate in Ten on 10:

Fun socks!  Love those cute little whales! You can't help but have a great day w/ cuties like these on your feeties!  =)

Free car wash!  Score!

Happy fabric.  These colors just make me want to dance bc spring is HERE!

My bi-monthly run to Heaven...err I mean, Chick-fil-a.  B/c let's face it, if my stomach had it's way, I'd totally be there  {Thank goodness for the saving grace of a Budget!}

Made my own carpet powder!!!! 

Oh the happiness that is towel day!  Love me a nice snuggly towel when I get outta the shower!  =D

Oops!  Washed the ol' lens cap. 

Mid afternoon snack.  Yummy fruit:  reason #378 that I LOOOOOOOVE springtime!

Preparing for Bible study w/ Beth.  Love that girl, and the humility and grace God gives through vulnerability with good friends.  We were put here to learn and love and share, and I'm so blessed to get to do it each week with sweet Beth. 

Baked ziti.  Yummy for the tummy.

This little guy made clean-up at Beth's way fun!  I think he needs a name.  Something catchy like Jenkins or Barnaby.

Well, there ya have it.  This was way fun!  I just might have to do it again in April.  =)

Blessings for your weekend!
<3 Michelle


  1. So colorful!

    A wonderful ten.

  2. Okay, I love how all of your colors coordinate! Beautiful. Just Beautiful!

  3. These pictures just scream "SPRING!" Love them..and you are right...nothing better than clean cozy towels!

  4. These all make me feel happy...that and the fact that someone else finds lens caps in the washing machine!