Friday, February 12, 2010



{beautiful Colorado in Summer}

Instead, I woke up to this

{Cold Lubbock in Winter}

Dear Summer,
Please hurry.  My bones are achy, my hands are dry n cracked from scraping ice, and my electric bill would like a break.  Plus, I desperately need a snow flip flops are lonely. 
Miss you,
♥ michelle

Dear Spring,
Please bring pretty flowers and green grass to dreary Lubbock ASAP.  We West Texans are suffering from the dreaded LOAPA disorder.  [Lack-of-anything-pretty-around].  K?  
♥ michelle
P.S. How 'bout you leave the wind that normally accompanies you with your evil stepbrother, Winter. mmm k?  thanks very much!  

1 comment:

  1. Dear Winter,

    My husband is tired of me sleeping every night with Vaseline slathered all over my hands, sock gloves over them.

    Please go away. Please.

    Cracked Hands in Missouri