Wednesday, February 10, 2010

She's the maccaroni... my cheese.

I just love this girl. 

No one can make me laugh as hard or as long.  She is hysterical.  Laugh-so-hard-I-pee-in-my-pants funny. 

She's also beautiful.

And she's smart. 
And loves the Lord with her everything.
She has one of the quickest wits I know.
And she is one mean scrapbookin' machine. 
She's got the sweetest moves on a diving board you will ever see.
Plus, she can out-eat every boy I know.  

She's also a little sassy:
And super opinionated. 
She's an amazing dancer.
And one of the most loyal people I know.
And did I mention funny?  Yep, she can have an entire room of people in stiches, rollin' on the ground, beggin' for mercy. 

But, my sweet, beautiful, funny, wonderful friend... leaving me.

Yep, she's chasing her dreams.  And following her heart.

She found out 2 weeks ago that she got accepted to UTMB medical school.  [See, told you she was smart.]  So she'll be packin' up her gear, and moving to Galveston.

Which is no where close to Amarillo! 
We just got reunited in May after my long stint in Waco at Baylor.  {read all about our reunion celebration here.} 

Now don't get me wrong.  I'm sooo proud of her.  Thrilled.  Ecstatic.  She is getting the opportunity to do what she has always wanted to do:  help people.  And she's going to be so fantastic at it. 

But my little selfish heart wants to have my best friend close to home. 

So that we can water ski, and have impromptu photoshoots, and scrapbook for days straight. 
I mean really, who else can I get to belt "Why'd you come in here lookin' like that" by Dolly Parton on a ski lift for all the world (or all of Wolf Creek at least) to hear?  And who is going to eat all my red Skittles?  Or have cooking catastrophes where we nearly burn the house down?

We're like peanut butter and jelly.  She's my other half. 

And I'm gonna miss her.  So. Much. 

But Britt, sister,
You go to Galveston. 
And you show those islanders what a REAL Texan is all about.  =)
And kick med school's tail! 
And when you finally get done, when you have the knowledge to shape and change lives, and the tools to make a BIG difference in this world...well, I'll be here.  In West Texas.  With my arms open wide.  Ready to congratulate you.  Ready to watch you shine.  Ready to point at one of the prettiest gals I know and say, "yep, that's MY best friend.  The doc.  She's somethin' special." 
Can't wait to watch you run this race!  I love that you are sooo courageous.  You are gonna do great things! 
Thanks for dreaming BIG.  Go get 'em sister!
oh, and one more thing...after you go and get all educated, and you think you're all smart and get too big for your britches...remember this...I can always pull out the mud wrestling video to knock you back down to size.  And don't forget, I can still school you at cards.  oh and another thing.  Even if you are all smart and can sign your name Dr. Porter and all...well, green beans should still be cooked with BACON.  You won't ever win that argument, matter how many degrees you get.  k? 

Oh, and for all you men out there...soooo sorry.  But she's also taken:

Love ya, Britt! 


  1. Do you write blog posts this amazingly cool for all your pals?

    Cause, if so, I love red Skittles, skiing and Dolly Parton songs, too. And I started out in college as a pre-med major, never mind that I switched to teaching before all was said and done.

    Sadly, though, I am nowhere near Amarillo.

    I'm sorry your friend is moving away, but what a precious tribute to her, this sweet post!

  2. Michelle! Yayee for BLOGGING! =)

    I honestly think I could use your son-shiny blog posts in my life, so this is good news!

    What a super sweet blog post for your best friend...I totally know what that's like. Isn't friendship SUCH an incredible blessing?!

    I hope all is well with you...and I hope we can catch up soon!