Thursday, April 22, 2010

Colorado shenanigans!

During Spring Break, my mom and I hung out for 10 days in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado.  Ahhh, my beloved Rocky's are just soooo refreshing!  We went skiing, thrift shopping (turns out the San Luis Valley has amazing thrift shops, who knew?), picture taking, deer chasing (see pics below), and other random activities.  My best friend Britt, her boyfriend, and another friend of ours, Kristen, joined us on Thursday for some skiing and swimming adventures. 

No, do not get your eyes checked.

I said swimming.  I'll explain in a sec.

Once, again, I went to the mountains with several people, and I came back with more scenery and deer pics than anything else!  =) 

You'd think I hadn't seen deer before...

I like to call this one the
Three Musketdeers!

"Hey guys, let's jump over the fence!  Some crazy lady is takin' pics of us!"

This one is called "Trend setter."
The deer randomly decided to come back across the fence.
Which gave me more picture taking ops! 
How kind of them!

Perfect form!

The deer were kind enough to run right across the road in front of me.
So fun!

All the gorgeous girls hangin' out at the cabin.
Yes, we all have bachelors degrees.
Yes, we all are in grad school for higher education.
Can't you tell by looking at us?

So about that swimming story....
There's a hot springs just north of Alamosa, CO that has been turned into an awesome swimming pool.  It is a Pollard family tradition to go swimming there when it is below freezing outside.  It's a great way to relax after several days skiing!

Here is a pic of Britt doin' her thing!
Notice the MAJESTIC Sangre de Cristo mountain range in the back.
It's most def my favorite mountain range in the whole state!

Yeah, we're all jealous of her sweet hair. 

Have a great weekend!

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