Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I love to read.
Anything and everything, it just makes me happy.
Serious, funny, fiction, non-fiction, biography, spiritual, politics.
You name it, I read it.
Well, except Sci-fi.  But that's a post entirely for itself.

In late February, I went home to Amarillo, and my momma had a book waiting for me on my nightstand.
She's awesome like that. 

It was The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks.

Now, I'm not always a huge fan of Mr. Sparks. 
I loved A Bend In The Road...but not so much The Notebook.
A Walk to Remember was so-so. 
I just don't always like his style...something to do with some literary term like character development but I'm not going to pursue that at this time of night.

So ANYWAY, I picked up the book...
...and couldnt. put. it. down.

It's not that it was so rivetting.
Or thought-provoking.
And I didn't like the main character AT ALL at first.

But I hadn't read a fiction book in a LONG time.
And it was just a nice break from the reality of grad school.
Plus, it was a sweet book with a good message.

Totally predictable...but once you've read many of Sparks' books, you began to see this trend. 

Oh, and it made me cry.
And I NEVER cry in books or movies.  Ever. 
{Ok, I cried in Armagedon b/c I'm a daddy's girl and Simon Birch b/c you have to be heartless not to tear up in that movie.  Oh, and The Passion...but that totally doesn't count.}

So there you have it. 
If you like a cute little fiction story,
Or if you're a Nicholas Sparks fan,
I would definitely recommend this book.

And that is that.

Enough with all this trivial nonsense, back to reading about upper extremity rehabilitation...Thrilling.  Be jealous.

**Ha!  So I just re-read this post and realized how boring it is.  And pretty much the lamest book review ever.  Eh, such is life.  Bless your heart if you made it through it! 


  1. i love that book. almost every book of his i've cried at.

  2. Not a Sparks fan, either, but I'm hearing good things about this one. Thanks for the review!