Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Only a month late...

In February, we had a Valentine's bake sale for one of the organizations on campus.  

Well bein' all crafy and fun is on the top of my priority lists, especially when it comes to baking, so I searched around and stumbled on the cutest idea on Bakerella's website:  oreo balls shaped into kisses!

I LOVE oreo balls, so it was destiny that I make these for Love-day.

It was super easy...she has full directions here

Now, her directions call for the oreo kisses to be dipped in chocolate bark...but *Shock of the Century* I don't really care all that much for chocolate.  I thought the oreo + chocolate sauce would just be chocolate overkill, so I dipped mine in white almond bark.  This is how I normally make oreo balls...and they are always a huge hit, so I figure the chocolate police can't be too upset.

Now for a parade of pictures!

isn't this sign in my kitchen so cute?! 
love hob lob clearance!

Important marketing strategy:  take some leftover mix, and make
small balls for samples.  The customers just ate it up!  Literally.
They couldn't resist buying some after they had a sample of the deliciousness.

Hope your Tuesday is full of sweetness!

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